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Sherlock Holmes and the Mycroft Incident

Should you mix family and business…?

It is 1877, and a trusted government courier, Anthony Cloudsdale, has gone missing after delivering some secret documents.

The police are questioning everyone who works at Whitehall, and their attention has been drawn to a young clerk, Joshua Emmett, who is in need of funds and might have been vulnerable to bribery.

Emmett is an old schoolfriend of Mycroft Holmes and Mycroft approaches his private-investigator brother, Sherlock Holmes for help.

Holmes and Mycroft collaborate with the assistance of Holmes’ trusted friend Mr Stamford, but each time they discover new information about Cloudsdale’s disappearance, it appears to provide evidence of Emmett’s involvement.

And when a body is found in the Thames, Emmett is arrested.

But is the body Cloudsdale’s? Can Sherlock prove Emmett’s innocence?

Or is Mycroft trying to protect a guilty man…?

Sherlock Holmes and the Mycroft Incident

May 2024, Sapere Books

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