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Trial of the Mannings

Notable British Trials Series No. 90

The crime of Frederick and Maria Manning in 1849 has all the elements of a classic; the brutal cold-blooded murder of a friend for money, the discovery of a buried decomposing corpse, the escape of the couple and dramatic pursuit and capture by the police.

It was a national sensation which culminated in the last public double hanging of a husband and wife, an event which shocked Charles Dickens and played a part in the later abolition of public executions.

But one mystery remains – both Frederick and Maria asserted their innocence, each claiming that the other alone was guilty. Was either of them telling the truth?

This new examination of the case offers a compelling resolution.

This book reproduces the testimony given at the trial, together with an introduction, a chronology, and appendices.

Published 1st April 2021 by Mango Books

Trial of the Mannings

2021, Mango Books

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