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The Mina Scarletti Box Set

Books 1-3 of the Mina Scarletti Series:

Mr Scarletti’s Ghost
Psychics and mediums have become all the rage in fashionable Brighton. But can they really communicate with the dead? Mina Scarletti is sceptical, but when her recently widowed mother insists on hosting a séance, she agrees to take part. Concerned that her mother and her vulnerable friends may be falling prey to conmen and tricksters, Mina decides to investigate. Under the ploy of wishing to communicate with her dead father’s – Mr Scarletti’s – ghost, she leaves no stone unturned in her quest for the truth.

The Royal Ghost
Forty-one years after his death, King George IV is said to be haunting the Royal Pavilion. The story of the ghostly encounter has been published anonymously, and it is sweeping through the town. Mina Scarletti, an author herself, immediately suspects the story to be false. And when she inspects the Pavilion, she is certain her suspicions are correct. But as she prepares to expose the false claims, her past begins to catch up with her. Blackmailed and threatened by those with an ulterior motive, Mina finds herself caught in a trap…

An Unquiet Ghost
George Fernwood and Mary Clifton, betrothed distant cousins, have a family secret that is preventing them from getting married. Twenty years ago, their alcoholic grandfather died in his bed and since then rumours have been circulating that someone in the family murdered him. Desperate to find out the truth, they have decided to seek out a medium to communicate with their grandfather, and they want Mina Scarletti to help them find one who is genuine. Mina is intrigued by the family mysteryand decides to help them in any way she can. Could one of the new mediums advertising in Brighton really be genuine…?

The Mina Scarletti Box Set

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