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The Cyanide Ghost

A Mina Scarletti mystery.

The Cyanide Ghost is the sixth in the intriguing historical mystery series, the Mina Scarletti investigations, a traditional British detective series with a feisty woman sleuth set in Victorian Brighton. 

Mina Scarletti is helping prepare for her brother Edward’s imminent wedding, but Mr Beckler – a man who previously courted her under false pretences – is once more on the scene, and she can’t avoid him as her brother Richard is working for him.

Mr Beckler claims to be able to capture spirits when taking photographs. And Mina is shocked when the ghost of her father does indeed seem to appear in a photo taken of her family.

Mina soon realises that Beckler is targeting the families of the deceased whose spirits appear in his photographs, many of whom have died in mysterious circumstances.

And then, her worst enemy returns to Brighton.

Is Mr Beckler genuine in his claims to be able to photograph the dead? What connects the  families he is targeting?

And is he determined once again to try and ruin Mina’s reputation?

The Cyanide Ghost

2021, Sapere Books

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