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His Father's Ghost

A Mina Scarletti mystery.

Mina Scarletti has caught a nasty illness and is under strict instructions from her good friend, Dr Hamid, not to leave her bed. But Mina’s lively mind cannot be entertained for long by pretty poems and dry sermons. So when she catches wind of a local mystery, she is determined to find a way to get involved.

A Mrs Vardy has written to her, begging for help for her ailing son, who says he is visited by his father’s ghost. Mina finds out there are rumours claiming the boy’s father may have faked his own death seven years ago. But if that is true, then where has the man been all this time? And what is causing the boy’s disturbing visions?

Mina is determined to find a way to unravel the mystery without breaking her doctor’s orders…

'offers an engaging brand of "armchair detection" as Mina Scarletti, confined to her sick bed, investigates the puzzle of a vanishing vintner in a well-evoked Victorian Brighton’
Martin Edwards, winner of the CWA Diamond Dagger Award

His Father's Ghost

2020, Sapere Books

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