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An Unquiet Ghost

A Mina Scarletti mystery.

Brighton 1871.

Mina Scarletti is becoming well known for unmasking fraudulent psychics. So it is no surprise to her when a young couple seek her advice.

George Fernwood and Mary Clifton, betrothed distant cousins, have a family secret that is preventing them from getting married. Twenty years ago, their alcoholic grandfather died in his bed and since then rumours have been circulating that someone in the family murdered him.

Desperate to find out the truth, they have decided to find a medium to communicate with their grandfather, and they want Mina to help them find one who is genuine.

Mina is intrigued by the family mystery and decides to help them in any way she can.

Could one of the new mediums advertising in Brighton really be genuine? Will they help George and Mary find the answers they are looking for? Or will this Unquiet Ghost ruin the chance of happiness for future generations …?

An Unquiet Ghost is the third book in the Mina Scarletti Mystery series.

An Unquiet Ghost

2018, Sapere Books

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