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Mina Scarletti Mysteries

In this mystery series, set in 1870s Brighton, Mina Scarletti is a deceptively diminutive lady with a twisted spine, whose boldness and confidence enable her to overcome her apparent disadvantages.

Mina writes horror and ghost stories and exposes the activities of fraudulent spirit mediums who prey on the vulnerable bereaved.

View the full Mina Scarletti series on Amazon:

The Cyanide Ghost

2021, Sapere Press

His Father's Ghost

2020, Sapere Press

The Ghost of Hollow House

2019, Sapere Press

An Unquiet Ghost

2018, Sapere Press

The Royal Ghost

2015 The History Press
2018, Sapere Press

Mr Scarletti’s Ghost

2015, The History Press
2018 Sapere Press

The Mina Scarletti Box Set

Sapere Press