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Linda Stratmann

"Stratmann has put together a cast of Dickensian characters ... and woven them into a heady tapestry of innovation ..."

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Frances Doughty Mysteries

Mina Scarletti Mysteries

The Early Casebook of Sherlock Holmes




Before I was published I wrote a number of articles on true crime, which I included on my website. Over the years, some of these have been revised and published.

My article on the murder of Sandra Rivett and the disappearance of Lord Lucan appears under the title "Blood in the Basement" in "The Mammoth Book of CSI" edited by Roger Wilkes, published by Robinson in London.

"How to get away with Murder" is included in "Getting Away With It" edited by Steve Shipside (The Infinite ideas Company 2006).


A podcast I did with the British Library

Featured Article

The Murder of Charlotte Dymond

In 1978 I saw a televised reconstruction of the murder of Charlotte Dymond, which took place in Cornwall in 1844. I knew that a book was planned, and waited with interest for it to appear. The details faded with time, but the name remained fresh in my memory. I began to wonder if the book had ever been published, however, in a moment of serendipity in 1999 I spotted it in a Surrey bookshop, and bought it at once.